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The Continuity of Dualism

I am like the last leaf on the autumn tree, 

Refusing to let go and drift away.

Clinging to the branch, unable to change with the season and expectations of normality.

Not willing to always fit in quietly, 

Hoping to wander along the fringes of life and expel one free breath after another.

Yet, I do not want to be judged but yearn to belong. Can one be without the other? Alas, there is little wonder that this edged life is so full of contradiction. 

After all, are the unchecked desires of mankind not an indecisive creature?  -- A.R. Poetry 

By capturing juxtapositions on the street and putting two vastly different subjects under the same frame, this series hopes to understand the duality in our everyday life.  Very often contrasts put things into perspectives.

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