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Primarily working with images, Iris often employs intense colours and geometries in her work, in order to explore their ability in blurring the lines between reality and fiction.  Her work are mostly mischievous in nature, calling forward a humourously unsettling world much like our own. The ultimate aim of her work is to invite the audience to question their sense of perception, and bring happiness and positivity to its viewers.


Some of her recent work includes “Lucid Dreams”, which is a social experiment to create synergy between web3 and the physical space, and her sold-out photography NFT collection “Pretend it is a City”. Iris’ NFTs have been exhibited at NFT Paris 2023, NFT NYC 2022, as well as “Gateway to the Metaverse” Exhibition in Sharjah in 2022.

Concrete Wall

Awards and Exhibitions

Fine Art Photography Awards 2021/2022

"Chasing Light" : Nominee in the Street Photography category
"Lucid Dreams": Nominee in Architecture category

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