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As a self-taught artist who primarily works with images, Iris employs intense colours and geometries in her works in order to explore their ability in blurring the lines between reality and fiction.  Her works are mostly mischievous in nature, constructing a humourously imaginative world which is different from our own. She believes that it is important to express our inner child and by exploring the concept of play, she seeks to remind the audience to find inspiration, excitement and awe in everyday life.

Iris’ works have been exhibited at the Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair 2023, NFT Paris 2023 and NFT NYC 2022.


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Awards and Exhibitions


Fine Art Photography Awards 2021/2022

"Chasing Light" : Nominee in the Street Photography category
"Lucid Dreams": Nominee in Architecture category​

International Photography Awards 2023 

"Lucid Dreams": Honorable Mentions

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2023 "Lucid Dreams", Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2023 "Lemonard", NFT Bali, Bali
2023 "Geometric Rain, Light Artists Alpha Collection", NFT Paris, Paris

2022 "Pretend it is a City", NFT NYC, New York

2022 "Pretend it is a City", Gateway to the Metaverse, Sharjah 

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Lucid Dreams", Elixir Cafe, Hong Kong


2023 “Web 3 and Photography - what’s next?” invited by the Hong Kong University Alumni Association

2022 “NFTs in the Art World” invited by Manyone Asia

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