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Pretend it is a city

And I would yell at them: ‘Move! Pretend it is a city!....where there are other people.

-  Fran Lebowitz


Fran Lebowitz, the renowned New York writer, would shout this at people when she tries to get them to move from the middle of a packed sidewalk. This is the reality of metropolis life – millions of people absorbed in the hustle and bustle of the city, with heads buried deep into phones minding their own business. We are physically proximate yet we are all living in a world of one. With photos taken in face-paced cities like Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, this series slowly walks you through city life, offering a glimpse of others’ little moments - an old man sitting alone under the disco lights, a couple rushing across the road before the traffic light flashes red….They say street photography tells stories. I say street photography is about capturing a fragment of reality - you are the one deciding what the story should be. 


So pretend it is a city, let your imagination do the story-telling – there are people of all ages doing interesting things. Ultimately, regular people are always fascinating even when they are not. 

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